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Water, you cannott live without it - So "Make it the best":
Ever more people are uncertain about the quality of their drinking water. The number of cases where one is asked to boil water, is on the incrase. Some get their water from wells while others from rivers, artisian wells or lakes. Surface water is a problem.

Our filters remove sand, grit, taste, odor, calcium, chlorine, E. coli, Giardia and virus. Our systems for reverse osmosis, can also remove heavy metals and pesticides.

Clean water provides for a better life. Some have miscoloring of garments, get sand in their appliances or have problems with chlorine or calcium. Humus - an earthy odor or taste - is a recurring problem, which can be solved with a sediment filter.

All our systems are produced in factories which are ISO-approved and all electrical components are EU-approvd an CE-registered.

Welcome to a safe and good shopping experience on the internet.

We import all our products in order to keep the prices at a minimum. All our products are produced in accordance with international standards and can be supplementet from other suppliers if you find a need.

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New is the XL-series, also called "BigBlue". These filter housings are large, with extra capacity. They are 20" filter housings with a diameter of 4,5" for the filter cartriidges. This means that you do not have to change filters quite as often, as is the case with ordinary 10" housings. They come as a complete kit - ready to install.

New is the ML-series - which are 10 inch filter housings with a 4.5" diameter cartridges. These can also be hooked into series. Come with washable 5 micron sediment filters in addition to disposable Meltblown.

You can order direct from our internet store, Payment either by credit card, trough PayPal or by bank transfer. All items must be prepaid as we do not deliver COD - Charge on Delivery.

For security reasons we use PayPal for all credit card charges. They are one of the largest and most secure of all online credit card payment providers.

Our internet stores service the Nordic countries, Norway, Sweden and Denmark where the format is in the respective languages. For Finland and other European countries, the langurage is english.

All sales to countries other than Norway, are without VAT, which must be handled locally.
We offer a wide range of Medium Large units for Reverse osmosis treatment of water.

You will find capacities from 1500 GPD (5.700 liters per day) to 6000 GPD (22.800 liters per day).

The units come both as ordinary Reverse osmosis pllants, which remove salts from water with tap water quality, to SWRO-units, which remove salt from sea water - to provide you with the best in potable water.
New is also our "Home Water Softener" which gives life to your water supply. It neutralizes calcium and other elements in your water to give you chrystal clean dishes, softer towels and bed clothes and leaves no deposits as rings around your bath tub.

Soap wil also lather, so that your showers become a pleasant experience and allows your shampoo deliver your hair the way you dreamed it should. .
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